Upcoming webinar: Shulk Masterclass (1.5hr)

Upcoming webinar date/time: tba

Currently the nr2 Shulk on the Orionrank (after Kome), I want to share my thoughts on Shulk with the world. I have a different approach to Shulk that focuses on marrying his strong suits with playing the engine optimally.

Many Shulks fall in a rabbit hole of playing too fundamentals heavy or too Shulk-focused. The ideal Shulk is somewhere inbetween; but you need to know a lot of quirks to make it work. Based on my perspective on Shulk, the character has no losing match-ups and I sincerely believe that anyone who looks at it the way I do, would agree.

For the masterclass we’ll be spending 1.5 hours going over everything there is to know about Shulk – everything. I assume you have an understanding of how the character functions, and from there I will try to change your view of the character entirely.

At the end of the webinar, there will be an opportunity to purchase access to my in-depth match-up notes.

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Every few months, I will be holding an exclusive webinar. During this webinar I go extremely in-depth on one topic for (usually) one hour – with time afterwards for the people present to ask questions.

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