Upcoming webinar: Become Untouchable (Defense Masterclass)

Upcoming webinar date/time: 31 Oct 2021, 7-8PM CET

Do you want to be untouchable? Frustrate your opponents by weaving in and out at the right moments, combining defense and offense seamlessly?

Defense is the core of consistency, and a notorious aspect of top level play. Understanding when to defend and when to aggress is a key aspect to adding depth into your play. In this webinar we’ll be highlighting when to defend, how to defend, and how defense is an endless rabbit hole of depth that can be added to YOUR play! 

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Every few months, I will be holding an exclusive webinar. During this webinar I go extremely in-depth on one topic for one hour – with time afterwards for the people present to ask questions.

By signing up, I will give you an exclusive role on my Discord server. This will allow you to join an exclusive text and voice channel, in which I will be sharing a presentation and giving the webinar.

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The link to join Discord is: https://discord.gg/2pFUAqs