Frequently asked questions

I am a teacher – I am known for my digestible analysis on commentary, as well as my immense experience teaching the game to others for 10+ years, including top European players. I have a very clear, well-structured, and proven (I am a top level European player myself) framework of the game. My goal is to help you make decisions that you were not making before. I look at what decisions you do make, and then I contextualize those decisions in greater systems. I then explain these systems to you, and with this new perspective, you can then reconsider the effectiveness of your choices! At the end of the day, improvement is making more and better choices.

Additionally, I have a strong psychological background which helps me understand improvement on a scientific level, drawing from works such as Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise. This helped me to build a strong framework for improving in general, including concepts such as System 1/2 thinking, Deliberate Practice, The Four Stages of Mastery, Visualization Practices, etc.

These frameworks together create a system of improvement that I will explain in a way that fits your brain best! I will start by analyzing your play and trying to figure out why you make the decisions that you make. Based on what I see, I throw questions your way to see how your understanding of these concepts holds up to my idea of how they work. Through that I get an idea of how you think about the game, and from there I try to improve your understanding! I try to both set you up for the long term, as well as giving you some high-value short term changes that are easy to implement and will help your results skyrocket.

I will call you on Discord and share my screen with you. As we talk, I will type out a document detailing everything we discussed. This document will be available to you after the lesson. I will also record everything and send you the vod afterwards. You’ll also get a shiny ‘Student’ role on my Discord if you booked a session of 1h or longer. Finally, all students are welcome to ask me questions regarding the topics we discussed at any time after the session as well!

Coaching can always be helpful! My goal is to help you think about the game in a different way and have that seep into every nook and cranny of your decision-making. The most fruitful sessions are often when you hit a wall and struggle to improve, because that’s a clear indication that you’re thinking about the game wrong to some degree.

Coaching helps you with your fundamental understanding, which then promotes your growth afterwards. If you build off of a poor foundation, eventually you’re going to have to revamp a lot of your game to fix it. The sooner you get someone to look at your game, the better!

You can decide between a session based on Vod Review, Playing Games, or a Q&A/Lesson – each speaking for themselves. For a vod review, I recommend picking a vod in which you play well yet still lose. Do keep in mind, you can upload replays to YouTube using built in features! For playing games, I recommend having a decent connection to Europe. For Q&A/Lesson, I recommend preparing plenty of questions!

The general advice is 1 hour. If you want to test the waters or have a very specific problem you want to focus on, I recommend 30 minutes. If you want to go very in-depth and/or have a lot of different questions, I recommend 1.5 hours!

You can pay through either credit card (using Stripe) or Paypal! I prefer Stripe due to the amount of fees that Paypal includes, especially for countries that use a different currency than the Euro.

We can. However, the decreased information I can gain from playing on a subpar connection is your choice. I’ve played with many American customers who were more than happy with the results. Personally though, especially for higher level players, I recommend getting a vod review.

Yes. My coaching aims to work with you, to help you apply your knowledge in the most efficient way possible and tap into knowledge that you’ve subconsciously utilized in a way that you can consciously grow using it. I believe in helping you apply your knowledge and letting you organically grow based on how developed that is. Just giving you knowledge on your character won’t make you a better player.

Outside of that, I have very deep game knowledge having played Smash since 2009 and competing at a top European level since, and I have coached just about every character in the roster by now – so I can definitely help you refine your character skills as well!

Questions! And a vod if you have one. Outside of that, bring a good mood and a curious mind and we’re all set 🙂

Be sure to scroll IN the registration window when the form asks you to fill out the session-related information!

If none of the timeslots work at all, feel free to DM me and I’m sure we can figure something out 🙂

Yes! Everyone is welcome 🙂

If you know your character’s moves you’re good to go.

Not at all! You can request coaching to be done off-stream, and still get a vod 🙂

The Ramses Esports refund policy keeps in mind the Loss of Opportunity that comes with cancellations.

As such, cancelling an appointment a month in advance is cost free. Any later, and a cancellation will entitle the customer to a refund worth 50% of the session’s costs.
The same paradigm holds for moving an appointment. A month in advance, you’re free to move without costs. Should an appointment be moved later than that, then I will request an additional 50% of the session’s costs. 

Showing up to a session without the requested resources means I will ask whether you want to cancel or move the appointment. This means a lack of a working internet connection when selecting Play Games or a lack of VODs when selecting Vod Review.

A no-show will be treated as a cancellation without opportunity for refunds.

If you have any further questions, shoot me a DM on Twitter or Discord! Links at the bottom of the page.